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Sample Blog Posts (Select Five):

  1. dy/dan (Mr. Meyer): Why I Don’t Assign Homework
    There are 86 comments on this post as of January 31, 2008. You don’t have to read them all – says something about the provocativeness of the post, though!
  2. Mrs. Edmison’s Class: Questions for One of Our Favorite Authors: Grace Lin>> Third grade students receive a special blog comment from a beloved author answering their questions about writing.
  3. Mark’s Edtech Blog: Is this SSR 2.0?
    A third grade teacher describes a “new” kind of Sustained Silent Reading.
  4. SP-817 Math Blog: Boeun’s Scribe for December 4th
    This is an example of a “Scribe Post,” as “invented” by calculus teacher Darren Kuropatwa, in which a student (8th grader in this case) reviews the classroom learning for the day or week. The teacher sets guidelines for the quality of work and students who exceed the requirements have an opportunity to be nominated into the “Scribe Hall of Fame.”
  5. CoolCatTeacher (Vicki Davis): Spies Like Us
    Vicki Davis talks about the realities of teaching in a society where every cell phone is a recording device. Vicki Davis is someone you want to know about!
  6. Extreme Biology: Imagine Turning On the Faucet and Nothing Coming Out
    Classroom blog of a high school biology teacher in an Atlanta-area private school. Students post about different topics related to the study of biology. This is the most-read post on the blog. Check out the comments in response to the student’s question at the end of her post.
  7. EduBlog Insights (Anne Davis): A Rationale for Educational Blogging
    Anne Davis, an edublogging pioneer from Georgia State University, has been blogging with elementary school students since 2002. In this post, she enumerates her reasons for blogging with students.
  8. Discourse About Discourse: The Ripe Environment
    A proposal for getting beyond the tools to the teaching and learning.
  9. Students 2.0: Teaching Brevity
    The author of this post is a fourteen-year-old. The Students2oh blog is collaboratively written by a group of high schoolers from across the U.S. and beyond. These outspoken, articulate students have garnered a huge following in just a few weeks of publishing.
  10. NeverEnding Search: PowerPoint Reform – A First Chapter
    High school librarian Joyce Valenza shares highlights from her presentation for senior English classes on how to stop making miserable PowerPoint presentations.Good points and good resources.
  11. Patrick’s Update: 5th Grade
    This post was written by an at-risk fifth grader who struggled with writing and school success in general. Anne Davis shares it as an example of the importance of comments in blogging.
  12. Weblogg-ed (Will Richardson): Why Can’t We Do This?
    Ed tech visionary Will Richardson takes a break from “blog-vangelizing” to ask a question about plastic grocery bags.
  13. Andy Carvin / Learning NOW: An Open Letter About Cyberbullying
    Andy Carvin responds to a nerve-striking “humor” article in Wired Magazine.
  14. Wandering Ink: How To Prevent Another Leonardo Da Vinci
    An argument about the ways in which the current education system and adolescent culture discourage creative thought. (If this interests you, you may want to view Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?).
  15. Duck with a Blog: Second graders Write About Our Missing Duck
    Award-winning elementary blog about an unexpected guest. Be sure to click the duck to read the students’ stories.

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